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You have to love what you do....

So I decided to train as an upholsterer.  It was either mad or inspired but it satisfied the creative need I had felt for a long time.  

After training, I launched my upholstery business in the Highlands of Scotland, where I built up a good reputation producing high quality work.  After upholstering a huge range of furniture from hall chairs to 3-seater sofas, I decided to invite some of the ever increasing band of keen up-cyclers into my workshop. 


I'm delighted to say that the result has been incredibly rewarding.  Seeing the look of satisfaction on a student's face and hearing them say "I did that", really can't be beaten.

The classes are now based in Perthshire, which is a great central location and I'm pleased to say people travel from all over to attend.

A change is as good as a rest....

I am keen not only to balance my own work and personal life but those of others and realised after attending a number of leisure workshops myself, that learning a new skill is a great way of achieving balance. Students regularly tell me how absorbing they find the classes and how tired but rewarded they feel after a day in the workshop.


If you enjoy challenging yourself, thrive on learning a new skill, or are keen to improve the skills you already have, then get in touch.  I am confident you will not be disappointed.

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